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  • Tony Pappas

Why Your Next Car Should Be An EV

There are many reasons to replace your current gas guzzler with an electric vehicle.

Let me count the ways: 1. You can save money on operation. Green Energy Consumer Advocates did an analysis using the Block Island Power Company’s rates and determined that using an EV on Block Island in the winter costs the equivalent of $2.00 per gallon of gas. Okay, not a big savings at the moment, but as you know gasoline prices fluctuate and are likely to rise from current levels.

2. You can help save the environment. I did an analysis a couple of years ago and concluded that the electricity production to operate an EV pollutes at one quarter the level of gas engines. And now with wind and other renewables becoming more prevalent in electricity production, this ratio may be even better for the environment. Note: I do not have current data relevant to this comparison. If any reader can supply such, please inform me; I would be grateful.

3. You can minimize repair costs. All electric vehicles (versus gas hybrids and all gas) have scores of fewer moving parts and thus much less to go wrong. No pistons, no rings, no engine block gaskets, no engine blocks for that matter, no emission pipes, no muffler, no catalytic converter, no distributor, no spark plugs, no engine oil – okay, you get the picture.

4. You can catch the wave and be an early adopter. Don’t you wish you bought Tesla stock two years ago? I remember thinking EVS were just too “out there” for the average family. Now they are here. EVs are not only the future but the present, too. Get with it!

5. EVs are small and roomy. Have a family? Need to haul stuff? EVs can do it. They are not toy cars but fully usable vehicles for a wide variety of needs. Above is a picture of Kim Gaffett to prove the point.

6. And EV trucks are on the way. Need more than a sedan? Electric powered trucks are slated to be available to the public within a year.

7. Battery technology keeps getting better and better. More power, longer distances, quicker charging times. These are not your father’s Ray-o-Vacs!

8. Block Island distances are ideal for EVs. You needn’t have any anxiety about running out of juice on a long-distance trip. We have lots of things on the island but long trips ain’t one of them.

9. Charging at home and/or at charging stations. Currently, only home charging is available on the island, but a number of us are talking about possibly installing charging stations at town buildings, churches, and restaurants.

10. Referrals. There are at least eight islanders who would be happy to refer you to the dealer and the model that worked for them. They have received the Solar Initiative subsidies and their excitement is contagious.

The solar initiative is committed to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption and the enhanced use of renewables. Next time we will look at how heat pumps also contribute to this objective.

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