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Block Island from the air

Welcome To

The Solar Initiative

Connecting the future of Block Island to the power of the sun.

About Us

The Solar Initiative (tSI) is a group of concerned Islanders that have been brought together by a generous donor to make a real difference in the long-term sustainability of Block Island. The focus and goal of tSI is to lessen dependence on fossil fuels while helping to educate people on living more sustainably. Contact us to learn more and get involved.


The Solar Initiative at a Glance

The Solar Initiative is dedicated to decreasing the consumption of fossil fuels on Block Island, while at the same time encouraging the adoption of renewable energy technologies. In order to fulfill this mission, tSI offers various subsidies towards the purchase and installation of renewable and high efficiency technologies.


Ways We Help

The Solar Initiative wants to help Block Islanders learn more about the use of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies, such as heat pumps and electric vehicles, in order to make the beauty of Block Island sustainable for many years to come.

The goal of the Solar Initiative is to promote renewable energy opportunities on Block Island. With access to the right resources, people can benefit from understanding their own energy needs. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today.


How Can You Benefit?

Save Money!

Investing in high-efficiency and renewable technology reduces your electric bill.

Save the Environment!

Investing in renewable energy reduces reliance on fossil fuels, thereby reducing strain on our planet.


Renewable and high-efficiency technologies offer greater functionality compared with their conventional counterparts.

Lead by Example!

By encouraging the adoption of renewables on Block Island, we can set an example for our neighbors, near and far.


Contact Us:

Thank you for your interest!

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